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When was your last financial review?


The months seem to fly past in a blink of an eye and although it feels like we were celebrating Christmas just a few months ago, it’s looming on the horizon again – another year gone!

Almost every year we see changes to our superannuation system, interest rates, the stock market and the property market.

All of this emphasises the need for regular reviews of your financial strategy and your investment portfolio. A full review should take place on an annual basis and cover such topics as:

  • Have your financial objectives changed as a result of changed business, job or family circumstances?

  • Are you on course to achieving your objectives in the planned timeframe or are adjustments needed?

  • Has there been new legislation or taxation changes which you need to factor into your plan?

  • How have your investments performed and are they appropriate for current market conditions, or would you benefit from rebalancing your portfolio?

  • Are you adequately protected against changing financial and personal risks?

If you’re looking after your own investments, it might be time to ask a professional adviser to take a look at your strategy and portfolio to ensure it’s continuing to meet your changing needs now and into the future. Give us a call.


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