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If I was 25 again I would… …pay off my credit card in full every month.

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While convenient, credit cards can be a real trap. Touch and go technology in particular makes it easy to spend without thinking of the growing debt. If not paid off in full within the interest-free period each month the carry-over balance will start to accumulate interest at well over 10% pa, sometimes up to 20%, magnifying the debt and making it harder to repay. Instead I’d use that interest-free period to my advantage. Paying all of my expenses with the same card would allow me to keep my cash in a higher interest account or mortgage offset account and earning (or saving) valuable interest until the credit card payment date. Or if I was too easily tempted, I’d either reduce my credit limit or use a debit card to help make sure I didn’t spend more than I could afford. My credit rating would love that!


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