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The Goodness of Giving - Financial Planning Week

Financial Planning Week

Australia is a generous nation that finds joy in giving gifts. New research* from the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) shows we give almost $20 billion per year in gifts to loved ones, and most people (81%) say it feels like the right amount to spend.

Experts in psychology agree the act of giving sparks the parts of our brains linked with pleasure, social connection, and trust, and can contribute to lowering blood pressure and stress.

So it’s no wonder most of us (85%) say we get more joy giving gifts to others than receiving gifts ourselves. There’s an innate goodness in giving.

Get inspired with the FPA’s Goodness of Giving eBook, which contains fun and useful tips on gift giving for significant occasions such as weddings, kids’ birthdays and Christmas.

This eBook also explores how you can become a more socially conscious gift-giver and how to set a gift budget.

If you want to read the full National Research Report conducted by the FPA, just click here.


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